How to Communicate with Alzheimer's

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Letter from Doris Reboul in priase of How to Communicate with Alzheimer's

“The book overall is an excellent workbook that offers creative ideas with a positive direction. I believe—a must read for anybody that deals with a person having such a terrible disease, especially professional people that work as caregivers with many different patients.”

Frank Zimmer
Family member of Alzheimer’s patient

“It is brilliant, no less. Your choice of format is ingenuous. To put it in any other form would demean its contents and purpose. It gives it, its own identity. It is elegantly simple to read and understand. It exudes sympathy and emotion. It is informative with compassion. It’s my belief that wherever there is a need, this book will have a profound and significant impact. In my opinion, this book is elite resource material.”

Valen J. Tanner
Friend of Alzheimer’s patient

“Your book is a real blessing. It teaches the caregiver, who knows nothing, how to be aware and most importantly how to communicate. This gives the caregiver satisfaction in knowing what to do. I believe that the caregivers who purchase your book will say, ‘Thank goodness for this valuable guide. Now I understand!’”

John Herr

“Your wonderful, wonderful, book! I am just knocked out by this book, it is just what I need. It has been so helpful for me and I am passing it along to my family. I’ve left it out for my brothers and sisters when they come, so they can know what to do and how to handle things – it’s great, everyone is benefiting around my Dad. It’s very useful.”

Diane Stilwell Weinberg

“During the time that I cared for my mother, her inability to understand her confusion at not being able to communicate her needs, her fears, her feelings were a constant source of frustration for me. How I wished for some help! This book will help to fill a void in the literature of Alzheimer’s caring . . . How to Communicate with Alzheimer’s offers a positive, simple, easy-to-read format to develop much needed skills which will, I know, help to ease the burden of caring and provide much needed support.”

Judy Wunsch
Former Caregiver and Director of Volunteers
Alzheimer’s Association, Los Angeles,
San Bernardino Counties

“Taking care of persons with Alzheimer’s disease can be very challenging. It not only involves understanding the dynamics of the disease process, but also involves the need to adjust behaviors of caretakers to suit the needs of Alzheimer’s patients. The emphasis of good communication, verbal and non-verbal, is vitally important as demonstrated in this book. Ms. Kohler has taken the complexity of caring for Alzheimer’s patients and broken it down to simple, flexible strategies to improve the care of these patients. This is a wonderful how-to book to assist family/caregivers living with persons with Alzheimer’s disease. It certainly will improve the lives of the patients as well as the lives of the caretakers.”

Roger M. Lee, MD
Santa Monica/UCLA Medical Center

“Effective communication between a loved one with dementia and their spouse, adult child or relative, clearly reduces the burden of care and extends the quality of life for the person and those in their circle of support. This book offers ways to facilitate communication with positive solutions, creative ideas, and sensible strategies that we all must learn to build a healthy foundation of care.”

Alison A. Moore, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Division of Geriatric Medicine


How to Communicate with Alzheimer's

How to

Susan Kohler
Spiral Bound
152 pages
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How to Communicate with Alzheimer's