How to Communicate with Alzheimer's

Susan Kohler featured author in
Evolving Women’s Consciousness

Evolving Women's Consciousness Susan Kohler
Women teach women how to evolve into a new type of modern excellence in Evolving Women’s Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women. Dr. Carol Francis compiled and explored 20 educated, experienced, wise women and men and their advice for women on multiple female issues. Some well-published women discuss sex, sexual identity, sexual relationship, and female sensuality. Other women call others to face their political power, financial strength, and business savvy. Spirituality, parenting, racial perspectives and cultural norms are examined as well. Impact of sexual and emotional abuse and how to recover receives necessary attention. Health matters and weight management, central to the female journey is presented. Retirement, becoming caregivers to ailing family members, as well as growing old and facing widowhood is additionally addressed with clarity, passion and depth. These authors will make you deeply think and wisely plan for each step of being a 21st Century Woman.

Susan Kohler’s chapter deals with women as caregivers and role models, caring for the frail elderly. The importance of the skills Susan discusses cannot be understated, especially during this time when the numbers of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia are rising dramatically.

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How to Communicate with Alzheimer's

How to

Susan Kohler
Spiral Bound
152 pages
$17.95 US/Canada
eBook – $9.95


How to Communicate with Alzheimer's